My Stroke Caregiver
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My Stroke Caregiver is dedicated to the caregivers who  give their time, support and unconditional love to stroke patients.  The site will connect caregivers all over the globe with hopes to help each other and stroke patients strive to live the best lives possible in thier current condition.  We can be champions for our loved ones, offer helpful hints to each other and most of all provide a sounding board of peole who understand and are living the situation.

The site was created when a Physician Assitant's mother had a massive stroke. Although she understood what had happened, she was lost to the world of caregiving.  Never had she taken a patient home to live with her; let alone someone with such a massive brain injury. Her mother was left without speech, the ability to write, or use the right side of her body. Navigating the waters was confusing, challenging and lonely.  Many times she wished she had someone who stood in her shoes to receive advice from or simply have a conversation with.  It was then when she realized she not only needed to honor her mother and take care of her but support those now standing in her shoes.  Not only does she understand the caregiving experience she has the medical knowledge to understand the injury and the healing processes.

Stroke does not just happen to the patient, it happens to the whole family.  It is estimated that one in four people will have someone in their family that is afffected by a stroke during their lifetime.  This page is about how to care for and support the new "stroke" family. Importantly this is about all of you to share your insights, helpful hints and motivational stories.  Follow us on facebook as Stroke Caregiver group. Also read our blogs on where we include many caregiving topics.

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